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Lenormand and Playing cards reading~

May 18, 2009


200px-Playing_card_club_8_svg_small —-jack-O-diamonds—-200px-Playing_card_heart_7_svg_small200px-Playing_card_heart_6_svg_small200px-Playing_card_spade_7_svg_small

I asked the cards what was going to happen over the next month? All the while shuffling first the lenormand deck, and then the Playing cards. Then I placed one lenormand card down, and a playing card beneath it to read together. I did this 5 times.

First, I have the Fox and the 8 Clubs: The Fox is the work card for me; it also can denote lies and intrigue. The 8 of Clubs can represent an offer of work or a change of jobs. It also describes your daily life. The 8 of Clubs can also mean talking things through, or meetings/conferences or a round table discussion.

I take this to mean that there will be meetings and discussions around work, at the simplest. The Fox can also represent the con person (and we’re dealing with one in a legal dispute right now) so maybe this is coming to the table to negotiate some kind of deal. Another meaning could be deceit around work….

Secondly, I have the Bear and the Jack of Diamonds: The Bear for me, is all about financial matters, positive cash flow, windfalls etc.

Now the Jack of Diamonds could be talking about my step daughter (the young relative related by marriage)- as a reading I did for her recently showed that she would be receiving money connected to her work…so this might be her. If it’s not a person, then it might be similar to the Page of Pentacles in the tarot. I have the pages and the knights appear as events more often than people. The Page of Pentacles is the student card… money coming to the student? one of mine? or it’s an offer of money.

There are a few ways to put these two cards together.

Thirdly, I have the Dog and the 7 of Hearts: The Dog is usually someone you know, or someone close to you such as a good friend. It’s someone you would normally trust. The 7 of Hearts, shows good luck with or around this person. There could be a pleasant surprise coming from this person. The 7 of Hearts is also peace and contentment…maybe, hopefully it’s for my hubby:)

In fourth place, is the Storks and the 6 of Hearts: Storks brings positive changes, improvements; and the 6 of Hearts for me, is a surprise 🙂 The 6 of hearts is also the working out of karma, or can denote a karmic relationship…AHA! maybe this is showing improvements with my karmic soul mate! LOL The 6 of hearts also can represent a love affair, or a male close one. I’ll take this to be improvements in my relationship.

In last place, is the Key and the 7 of Spades: The Key brings unexpected solutions and answers to problems; it’s also something happening because it’s fated to. It’s the “Yes” card in the Lenormand deck. The 7 of Spades, is the problem! it’s the setback, the frustration and stagnation. So I would combine these to say that there is a major breakthrough to something that’s at a standstill-

So in summation, my gut tells me this story from the cards, for the month ahead.

There is some meeting, or talks, such as negotiations somehow connected to “work”- (we have 2 areas that could apply). In either case, there is money being offered, that brings well being to the “Dog” or this money is a pleasant surprise from someone we know. This in turn, brings improvements in my ‘karmic’ relationship (sigh*) and answers and solutions to a problem we’ve been having.

There! I stand my assertion that Lenormand combines very well with the Playing cards! (it also works extremely well with the Tarot)

If you would like to learn more about reading with playing cards, be sure to check out Kapherus’ forum and also look into buying Regina Russell’s The Card Reader’s handbook or cd on card reading. It’s a classic.


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