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Ship combinations continued-

May 18, 2009

03boat07snake could have these meanings:

-trouble and aggravation while on a trip -car trouble or bike trouble – lies or deceit at a distance – or lies concerning a trip – the snake can represent a con, manipulating person…so possible this combo could describe such a person who is connected to you, but at a distance – or a foreigner who’s not what they seem to be….-travelling in July

03boat08coffin could have these meanings:

trip or a move that’s cancelled – car or bike totalled, or it goes kaput!  – someone passing away at a distance, or while travelling?  – travelling to a funeral  -having to give up a car  -a trip that has transformative qualities, it changes you in some way  -a trip that’s depressing  – a trip that takes place in summer/August  – travel sickness

03boat09flowerscould have these meanings:

joyful, happy trip  -travelling with a lovely companion  -a beautiful car? or a car is fixed (as in healing/recovery of the bouquet) -a wonderful cruise -a foreign gift -travelling in Sept -or yes answer to a move or travel

03boat10scythecould have these meanings:

trip cancellation/ending  -car accident  -distant decision  -travel decisions  -car repairs  -travel in October

Does this spark other ideas for these combinations? post them here 🙂

hugs, Spirity

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