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Daily draws~

May 21, 2009


This has already to come to pass today. These were 3 cards that my husband drew this morning, (we always do the cards together over a cup of tea or coffee! it’s a nice way to start the day)

This was showing grief and worry for a male friend of my husband’s. Sure enough, we received a phone call from the Financial trader friend, who was certain he would have funds released this week so that he could pay everyone, and pay himself! and once again, it is delayed another week. He sounded almost broken.

Now, at the same time, I drew these 3 cards:


Bouquet is the card of granted wishes, of recovery and healing. Something happy happens with the Bouquet. The Key,also, brings answers and solutions to problems…..combined they can have the meaning of Incredible Success! over what? the agonizing period we’ve been through. I see healing and solutions here.

I have just discovered a discrepency in my dealings with my ex….he might just owe me alot of money if I am right! I’ve put in a call to my old divorce lawyer to have the definitive answer. That might be the thing that turns us around- how odd that would be……

Don’t get me wrong, I care for my ex, and wish him well; but he’s a fox and a snake and would cheat if he could get away with it (and he did!) but maybe not now….

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