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Stars – Book – Garden

June 6, 2009


The Stars and the Book can denote a successful author. It could also be inspired teachings/writings. When I saw the Book and the Garden, I immediately thought of a library! lol but it could also be hinting at workshops and classes; the Book being studies, and the Garden being groups. The Garden also comes up meaning the internet, and forums/groups that congregate together.

So here are a few thoughts.

Someone well known in their field is giving a workshop/class that I’m going to hear about or be interested in. This could be locally, or even on the internet! (which has happened  before!)

The Stars and the Book might also be metaphysical studies of some sort.  Some kind of gathering for the purpose of studying…

I will update !


update: Ironically, I heard of two metaphysical classes/study groups withing 24 hours of writing this, which came as a complete surprise. One was locally, and one was on the internet! Never doubt what you pick up with the cards, and don’t filter! you never know which interpretation will be the correct one, and often more than one meaning will come about.
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