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Book + Moon + Man

June 8, 2009


My husband drew these this morning. Neither of us ever charge the man or the woman for a daily draw, so I felt that this related to a man he knew.

The Book and the Moon, immediately said to me that whoever this man was, he was keeping secrets about his true feelings. The Moon can refer to one’s fantasies and romantic attractions.

To me, this very clearly said that a man that he knew was keeping secret his feelings for another. We both knew right away who this probably referred to. The man is unhappily married, and has a long time friend who we are convinced he is attracted to. My husband ended up talking to him on the phone, and it feels like he’s hiding his feelings.

The other possible meaning of the Book and the Moon is a psychic; which would describe a man….a male pscyhic! Well guess what? My husband talked to his business partner “D” who said that he had recently talked to a male clairvoyant! – so that’s a direct hit this morning!

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