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(32)Moon+ (13)Child+(20)Garden

June 11, 2009


I went through combinations with this draw this morning, and just frowned…I didn’t get it!

Moon+Child: an imaginative child, a young girl

Child+Garden: a class, a group of kids, a daycare setting, a children’s party”

I told this to my mate, and said that they didn’t seem to fit at all— that’s when he told me that he had received an email from his ex to say that his 10 year old daughter would be having a birthday party tomorrow, over the weekend, instead of in the middle of the week!

This is a perfect example of not disregarding information that you can’t immediately relate to! I don’t know why I picked up that little nugget of info- but it was correct! even though I didn’t have a clue. So remember to share everything, don’t censor what you say about the cards….you never know what might be the right little piece of information!

The Moon card could just as easily been giving the time frame: very soon.

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