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Cross + Ship + Scythe

June 23, 2009


I’m still under the weather with dental problems, and it’s kept me from posting – sorry! I have continued to do readings and draws, and have had some interesting things happen that I’ll write about over the next few posts.

Here is a draw that I did yesterday, and had me scratching my head for a few hours before it became painfully clear.

I looked at these cards and thought, something painful, or frustrating that I’ll be dealing with from a distance; and it either it comes as a shock, or a decision has to be made. The Ship/Scythe combo could have also indicated a car accident, or some kind of accident…so I felt a great sense of foreboding.

It was discovered later in the afternoon, what the shock was. I received a fax from my divorce lawyer, who took care of my divorce 10 years ago. There have been issues with getting a copy of documents, and proof of a life insurace policy that were a part of the agreement.

My lawyer, had just received an answer from my ex’s sleazy lawyer- I discovered why my ex-husband had stalled for so long on supplying the info- he hadn’t set me up as the sole beneficiary! (which is in contempt!) and if it had remained that way and something happened to him, I would have had to get into a legal wrangle with his current wife!

How low can one person go?? messing with his kid’s inheritance, and setting up his current wife for heartache. A very nasty set of affairs, and definitely was represented by the Cross card.

This man is set to come visit our youngest daughter on Saturday! the Ship /Scythe could also be describing a cancelled trip because of upsetting circumstances…

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