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Birds – Mountain – Dog

June 27, 2009


I drew these cards on Thursday, June 25th. It was the day before my youngest daughter’s high school graduation.

There has been a shocking turn of events with her biological father who is in contempt with court surrounding our divorce over 10 years ago. He was supposed to fly in for 24 hours to see his daughter at graduation, on his way to somewhere else. I had been wondering if he would still show, or at least communicate with her to let her know one way or the other. She hasn’t seen him in 4 years!

These cards said “NO”. The Birds/Mountain describes not communicating… remaining silent. The Dog represents my ex (that says it all!)

Somehow I just couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t show, or not let her know! But guess what?……

It is now 2:30 on the day he was supposed to be visiting with his daughter, and none of us have received a word…not an email, or msn…NOTHING! She is quite hurt and angry – I know that will change their relationship forever, and it makes me very sad. I never thought he would do something like that to one of his children.

The cards were right again!

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