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July 7, 2009


I have been really busy the last few days, and hence my favorite time of writing about cards, had to be curtailed. These 3 cards were in the “Past” position of a Trigger Spread. I hope to post the rest later tonight or tomorrow, because it looks good!

There are 2 ways to read this trio, and both came true.

The Garden/Bear combination can refer to a restaurant and dining. When I did this spread, we certainly didn’t have any plans for going out…no money to do so! We sold our pool table, and spontaneously decided to have some fun and take our daughter out for a bite to eat.

The Storks card  showed positive improvements for us, having taken the time to have some fun and go out.

Another way to read these, is to think of the Garden as the internet. Garden+Bear could represent internet banking, or wiring of money.

The combination of Bear+Storks brings about the meaning of financial improvements.

This happens to be the case too- we were surprised to find out that money had made it into our bank account from 2 sources, much earlier than expected. It changed our plans completely, and we happily paid some overdue bills.

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