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Tree + Dog + Coffin

July 10, 2009


I wish I could find a positive spin for these three cards. I don’t like them! but they’re what I drew…

Tree/Dog for me, talks about a karmic connection with someone close to me or someone that I’ve known for a long time. Most likely someone I trusted.

The Dog/Coffin at the very least, shows a rupture of a relationship or friendship. At the worst, the passing of a friend.

I must say that the Tree/Dog could be my ex-husband (talk about a karmic relationship!) We have had a major falling out recently…I can’t help but wonder if this is hinting at sad news surrounding him. Those are the worst fears.

The other way to read these is that the Dog is depressed (coffin). Tree/Dog is also the combination for soul mate.
My hubby is depressed…and it could be around health issues.

This actually reflects the same message as my kipper card draw this morning. You can read that post here.

I think the last idea is probably the correct one. It looks like today will be focused on my mate’s worries and health.

Boy, do I need something fun to happen!!!! LOL

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  1. July 11, 2009 11:03 am

    I don’t think theses cards would refer to your mate, but to a friend or close person.

    The dog is “looking” at the tree that could be symbolising helath or something that was nourished for a long time, and then we have the coffin, that, in my oppinion, means the natural end of something (everybody goes to it) or even the loss of life, energy… trees and coffin oppose each other but they represent the end of a natural cycle.

    It could be showing a very sick friend, or the passing of one or a friendship that gets to an end because it can’t be anymore.

    • spiritsong permalink*
      July 11, 2009 11:56 am

      Hi Alexsander,
      Thank you for your post 🙂
      As a daily, the issues with me mate were well shown with that draw- sometimes he shows up as the Dog for me, as he’s my closest friend. He filled his entire day being ‘down’ over his tooth problem; so I can’t ignore it.

      But having said that, yes, it definitely relates to a man in my past, me ex, as well. He has some health issues, and is getting ready for surgery soon….I keep getting hints that he’s going to pass away, through dreams/visions and through readings. We have also gone through another “ending”, with our amicable friendship coming to an end recently. It could certainly reflect these things as well.

      But as a daily, my soul mate’s downcast mood was definitely in my face as well!

      Another thought, Tree+Dog could relate to a “spiritual friend”. A friendship coming to an end, or passing. That makes sense to me too. I’ll have to stay alert in the next few days and remember these cards.

      Best wishes,

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