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Mice – Whips – Key

September 21, 2009


These 3 cards were part of a larger spread, in the position of what is about to leave.

The Mice and the Whips describe perfectly the state that my family has been in for quite some time: chronic stress. It could also represent stressful activity, or stress caused by arguements or a dispute.

The last card, the Key is welcome relief, literally. It says that there is about to be a resolution to the situation that has caused long term suffering. The Key says we’ve arrived, this is it! fate is about to take a whirl.

Now funny enough, I just posted an Oracle Ge reading over on my sister blog, about psychic matters. This almost could mirror that reading, in that the Key represents the Third Eye and clairvoyance. I wrote about my upset on what I perceived as delays. The Mice and Whips could have also been referring to my extended angst over this matter…but thankfully again it’s on the verge of leaving.

Being that the rest of the reading was on more physical matters, the latter is probably not relevant, but I note it anyway 🙂

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