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October 1, 2009


Although the first card seems to be a dagger (?!) it’s equivalent to the (11)Whips card in more traditional decks.

These were drawn first thing this morning, and I told my husband to remember that very often, a daily draw is mundane. He’s always trying to attach more meaning to them than they should have! It seemed to me that this was describing a man we might meet.

A physically fit/handsome man who is also learned/smart.  We had no plans to leave the house today, so we just shrugged our shoulders on this one.

Maybe an hour later, a strange car drove into our driveway and the doorbell rang. I was very surprised to be greeted by a very handsome, physically fit German man who noticed our “For Sale” sign. He is looking for a place situated on the lake, and discovered our house while driving around.

As we talked, it was very evident that the man is very bright and successful. He owns an oceanfront property as well.

So our draw came true, even though we never made it out of our driveway! I like it when draws are succint and quick:)

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