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Horseman – Lily – Book

October 13, 2009

1 - horseman30-Lilies26 - book

I drew these just the other day, and I’m still not sure about them!

The Rider is news coming, or someone new coming into my sphere.

It’s the possibilities with the Lily & Book that make me wonder. It makes me think of extensive knowledge, or pleasing knowledge.

Traditionally it’s the combo for a librarian as well! Am I simply going to meet a librarian, or a researcher? or a learned gentleman who possibly is a bit older and has gray hair?? lol  You never know!

Simply strung out as a sentence this could say that I’m going to be receiving very pleasing, satisfying news that comes as a bit of a surprise.

The Lily card representing a gentleman, could in our case either my ex-husband, or the other parties’ lawyer; so maybe we’re going to hear from one of those men shortly.

I hope for the surprising pleasing news, frankly! I need a lift!

update: I didn’t meet a librarian or researcher 🙂 especially since I was incapacitated with my ankle and unable to go anywhere; but this did come true in 3 different ways.
1) there was pleasing news from a male around a project (business partner)
2) I did end up receiving a surprising (and thoughtful) email from my ex-husband, who is represented often by the Lily card.
3) and here’s a new twist on the Lily/Book combination:  it popped into my head that this could also mean “Ancient Wisdom” or the “occult“! I was very excited about this meaning and wrote it down in my journal.
Two days after posting this, I was able to get a membership to an “occult” sharing group online that’s very hard to get into 🙂 They had lots of goodies I was eager to look at, and couldn’t believe my luck at getting in.
The Rider/Lily/Book combination describes this event perfectly!
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  1. October 13, 2009 1:42 pm

    I wish I knew how to read these cards and I would give some input. I hope it’s a good surprise!

  2. spiritsong permalink*
    October 18, 2009 12:02 pm

    Thanks Celeste 🙂

    I’ve only become an oracle lover in the past 2 years. I was strictly a Tarot person my entire life.

    Then I came upon Sylvie Steinbach, and her wonderful book “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle”, and had the pleasure of learning from her via an online forum for a year. She opened my eyes to the wonder of the Lenormand and brought some magic back to reading cards for me.

    Learning about combining cards for another meaning, totally revolutionized the way I look at any card system – especially tarot!
    The tarot cards now combine to give extra layers of meaning to my reading.
    I am really grateful to Sylvie for opening my eyes not only to Lenormand, but for how I read cards across the board 🙂

    Highly recommended.


  3. January 11, 2010 10:49 pm

    Great thoughts, Spirity!

    If I ever decide to delve into the Lenormand I’ll consider that.

    Sorry for taking so long to reply! I just saw your comment back. 😀


    Happy 2010,

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