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House – Ship – Child

October 13, 2009


I drew these on October 11. I played with all the possibilities, maybe a small family trip in the car? Moving home shortly? haha

House/Ship can denote “moving away” & Ship/Child can refer to a foreign born child, or a child at a distance from us.

My first thought was that the house was talking about family, and specifically about one of the kids who lives far away.

At the very least, I thought we might be hearing about one of my husband’s daughters in England.

Sure enough, late last night (Oct 12), my husband received a very terse email from the mother of his 10 year old daughter saying that she was cutting off webcam visits! We normally play Nintendo DS games with her once a week while visiting on webcam. The mother was angry about late payments and said “that’s it”. Nice. She knows our circumstances at the moment, so I thought that was pretty mean.

No matter what issues I’ve had with my children’s father in the past, I never used my children in that way. They’re relationship was just that, theirs, and I never interfered with them.

This too shall pass 🙂

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