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Lily – Bouquet – Key

November 9, 2009


Here, was an interesting daily draw from Saturday.

The Lily and the Bouquet combine to give the meaning of contentment and joy….peace of the heart.

The Bouquet and the Key can mean incredible success! So again, the cards are hinting that things are going to change rapidly.

The Lily, for me, also represents a gray or white haired man, or an older gentleman. One is my ex, and this doesn’t relate! lol The other gent I haven’t met yet, but have talked on the phone. He is a very successful business man who had me do a series of readings recently.

In them, there had been some trouble with money and banking on one deal, and incredible success and fortune with another he had me look at.

He is now on his way across the world to finish the deal that the cards had said would go well…. I’m hoping that this draw refers to incredible success for him!

Otherwise, both the Lily and the Bouquet could be people, possibly my ex and myself. The Key then might show a solution/resolution being made between us. The Key brings unexpected answers to problems…..that would be nice as well.

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