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Sun – Bear – Tower

November 9, 2009


I got to the point, where I almost dreaded posting something here – (what an awful thing to say!) I have had a LONG drawn out series of readings that only had to do with my husband’s legal case, and frankly, not only was I sick to death of it…..but getting angry at the cards for showing nothing else!

They have been correct on showing the delays and troubles that we’ve had, so I should be happy when the cards show happy resolutions of this matter.

I just want to say WHEN?? WHICH YEAR?? lol  My patience has run out,  I’m tired and stressed out. What I’ve found recently, is that since this has been the most important issue in our lives for awhile, it’s all it wants to show! This means that dailies didn’t stay that way, they showed trends instead….very very frustrating.

Having said that, this was the draw I had a few days ago: Sun and Bear shows victory and great  success with money coming….and the Tower, in this case, refers to legal.

The defendant has until this Friday (the 13th!) to pay, or face the judge for perjury. So maybe, just maybe, this about to come to an end.

Once this matter finally does come to and end, I think I will need to re-program some of my associations with the cards…and that goes for all my different decks, not just the Lenormand. Who will be the snake lady, after this snake lady is gone? lol Hopefully no one, at least not for a very long time 🙂

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