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Book – Bear – Woman

November 28, 2009

The first thought that came to me was ” surprise money, either coming from a woman, or to me”

The Book tends to relate to surprises for me (much like the 6 of hearts does in the Playing cards). It can also be referring to studies, projects, or discoveries. Sometimes it hints at something hidden, or even about the occult.

Just on the face of it, the combination of Book/Money could have the meaning of research grants! but that doesn’t apply to me in any way-

Sylvie mentions in her wonderful book “The Lenormand Oracle”, accounting studies, investment expert or a nutrition consultant/chef…….all good meanings for that combo, but again, non that I can relate to right now.

I find that if I read the cards singly, stringing them in a sentence, I usually come up with the best scenario. I then move on to combinations to flesh it out more. After playing with all possibilities, something will usually stand out more.

In this case, I think there’s an unforseen event, or a surprise, concerning money coming from a  caring or powerful woman (Bear/Woman).

I have a friend overseas, who is sending me a bit of money to help us out…maybe I’m surprised at the amount, possibly it’s more that she wrote she would send?

Or possibly I obtain a surprise amount from another source-  I’m not sure, but I’ll accept it with gratitude wherever it’s coming from! lol

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