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A surprise, even with a warning –

January 24, 2010

I’ve had many draws that have come true recently, I hopefully will have some time to back through my journal and share some of them. Life has been extremely hectic and very stressful – not a good time to write productively.

I drew these card 2 days ago; the first morning my husband was home after a long trip. I looked at the cards and felt total dread – I knew what they meant to me immediately, but fudged an answer to my enquiring mate.

I knew that it meant that I would be receiving an argumentative, nasty letter in the days to come, but even so it would come as a surprise. It came today, and it hurt deeply.

My mate and I had a falling out over, of all things, the dog. It escalated into a character assination of me, type-written and left for me to read. And it stung to the core.

Even with the pre-warning of the cards, I was caught off guard by the nasty-gram.

Stress is an awful thing………

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