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Line of 5 – Tower,Mice,Child,Sun,Ship

February 3, 2010

I pulled out my coveted LeNormand Arlo deck, beautifully created by Lavengro. I love the graphics in this deck!

I decided to do a line of 5 reading. After shuffling and I asked what will happen in the next week?

Tower – Mice – Child – Sun – Ship    (underneath: Rider)

The Middle card, Child, shows what the reading is referring to; in this case an offer/proposal…something new. I know this by looking at the surrounding cards.

To the left shows the recent past, Tower/Mice, describing Legal worries.

To the right of the Child shows the near future, Sun/Ship. What comes to mind is Success coming from a distance, or success coming.

Reading straight across, I get the message: Legal stress and an offer that brings victory/success/happiness from a distance. Or maybe I could say a stressed/forced offer is made around the legal that brings a happy conclusion….

Next, you can pair the opposite ends (Tower/Ship) which tells me it’s the legal matter we’re dealing with in the US.

Then the inner pair: Mice/Sun –  excitements!

around what? an offer! (Child)

Underneath it all is the Rider – news coming soon 🙂

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