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Kapherus’ Lenormand Spread~

February 7, 2010

I read about a spread that Kapherus devised. It has similarities to the No-Layout spread that I enjoy a great deal, but is shortened for when time is critical.

One still charges a card as a focus; say you’re asking a question about money, so you’d charge the Bear card (in Sylvie’s system). You would shuffle focusing on that subject/card image. Then, you would lay down 5 cards, either straight off the top, or by choosing from a fanned spread of the cards (whichever you prefer).

In the Line of 5 Spread that I’ve shown in previous posts, the midde card shows the subject/theme of the reading.

This is a variance of that, but instead, you have an invisible place holder there, which in the case of the example, would be the Bear card.

It is easiest to think of this position as the ‘House’ of whatever subject you’ve focused on in your question. So, when you lay down your 5 cards, you will have placed a card in the “House of the Bear” this time.

You would then read the ‘House’ position combined with whatever card falls in that place.

I did my first try with this spread, using the Bear card as my focus, and this is what I drew:

So in the House of the Bear, I drew the Crossroads card. I would read this as Bear+Crossroads.

The question I posed was “where will money be coming from this week?” Probably not the best way to phrase the question, but that’s what was most on my mind! lol

In this case, the main answer to my question is telling me that there will be multiple sources of money coming, not just from one expected source.

I discovered that interestingly, I could relate to that bit of information, looking at the rest of the cards because I could interpret them in 2 very specific ways that are relevant!

1)      The first interpretation would be about the legal matter we are involved in, and proposals/options being presented by the other lawyer (who always comes up for me as the Lily card – King of Spades). The Garden and the Ring suggest that there will be meetings that result in a deal/agreement.

2)      The second interpretation talks about Big business and big banking connected to the Lily man. (We are actually waiting to hear from a man who comes up by this card, on a big bank transaction). The Crossroads also talks about multiples and decisions, so maybe there is more than one transaction that is associated with this man.

The Crossroads/Garden combo describes excursions/tours, (he is presently travelling in the Far East) but also alludes to multiple meetings with a network of people.

The Ring seems to be saying that he will be finalizing the deals this week.

In this case, the idea of multiple sources of money coming is very plausible. How crazy it would be if both of these important scenarios come to completion very close together!

I have done a series of readings using this method, and it has worked very well in each case. This spread will definitely be adopted into my selections of spreads for a reading.

It makes a great weekly spread to see what’s coming up! I plan on using it each Sunday to see what the theme of the week will be. Stay tuned….

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  1. February 7, 2010 11:25 pm

    Wow. Interesting system. I have much to learn!

    Hope the money from different sources comes through!

  2. February 9, 2010 10:33 am

    Hi Spirity,

    Great reading! I’m glad that my variation of the No-Layout works well for you. I’ve been using it regularly with my clients with outstanding results.

    I suspect that both your interpretations apply, and with Ring ending your row of cards, I’d say the deal is sealed. It will be interesting to see if the cards conform to your time frame. Looking forward to seeing you post some good news this week! 🙂


  3. spiritsong permalink*
    February 9, 2010 2:23 pm

    Hi Celeste,
    The deeper down the rabbit hole you go with the Lenormand, the stronger the love affair 🙂

  4. spiritsong permalink*
    February 9, 2010 2:28 pm

    Hi Kaph!

    I like the spread alot, it’s given some great info very quickly.

    As for time frames, I don’t know, the cards don’t like to conform very often to time constraints do they? I can put out the intention for the week and find it be 2! we’ll see. It defnitely varies.

    I used to go to the most amazing clairvoyant/medium in the UK- and she gave details of what was going to happen down to the tee…….only thing was, they came about 2 years later rather than in the year she was predicting.
    She was SO accurate though, that I made sure to see her once or twice a year while I lived there! lol

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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