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Will ‘D’ have a business breakthrough this week?

February 9, 2010

I once more wanted to post an example of using Kaph’s Lenormand Spread. I focused on our friend and business partner, who comes up in readings as the Dog.

I asked if there would be important happenings with him this week, in other words, are the delays through?? lol

This is what I drew:

I found this fascinating! So remember, you focus on the subject of your reading (in this case it was the Dog) and whatever falls in the middle is associated with the House of the Dog.

This shows that ‘D’ will be connected with big banking, corporate happenings etc.
combined with the Tower can mean ‘friends in high places’ or executive. ‘D’ is definitely dealing with high rollers, and it looks like this week that will be the focus for him.

The Sun/Ring shows that he will be having great success with a deal, or be involved in a very important and powerful partnership. (Remember, the Dog/Tower gives me the theme, so I know it’s about business and not about something personal like a marriage.)

The Fox/Storks continue this idea by saying that there will be improvements in his work or a job change.

I actually think that both apply in this case. Once this huge deal pays out, his quality of life will totally change, and he will be a very wealthy man, calling his own shots. This is also reflected in the combination of the Tower/Fox, which can mean an executive position. He will have his own corporation once that deal goes through!

So, it seems that the Lenormand cards want to tell me that this is the week of change, both for “D” and for our legal case (see my prior reading below). Could everything happen at once?

I’m experimenting to see if this spread will work as a weekly spread for me or not.
Again, I’m not always so sure about trying to put time constraints (especially of a small time frame such as a week) on a reading. It may be longer – but even so, there is definitely major change in the air.

It’s still a great addition for quick answers!  Thanks Kaph

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