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Fish – House – Bouquet

February 12, 2010

I immediately had the House/Bouquet combination pop for me. It was the first thing my eyes laid upon.

House/Bouquet shows a happy, harmonious home. It could also mean a wish is granted to the family, or there is a gift given to the home or family or there is some kind of recovery.

I got stuck on this, and felt that this was right 🙂 and if so, then the Fish (like the Mercante in my Sibilla draw on the Card Lover’s blog) represented our trader business friend. He was going to do something that improved the feelings of my home, and he did just that.

These cards were drawn early yesterday morning. By afternoon, we had word that our fish friend was having money wired into the business account to take care of some pressing matters; and by evening it had arrived.

This brought such a relief to my husband and me….we relaxed last night, feeling better than we have in awhile. A burden had been lifted 🙂

It’s interesting that both the Sibilla and the Lenormand were talking about the exact same incident.

This certainly could have other meanings, such as describing a home-based business either to do with beautification of some kind, or run by a female etc. but usually I find that my first thoughts are the right thoughts for the draw at the time. I could be hearing something about my step-daughter’s home-based beauty business overseas….but the other interpretation came through before the end of the day, so it was the more predominant meaning of the draw 🙂

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