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Clover – Bouquet – Bear

February 17, 2010

Now this is a very positive draw!

The Clover brings luck and surprising twists to circumstances. The ruler of the clover card is Jupiter, and it again represents good fortune & expansion. The Clover also represents the month of February, right now.

The Bouquet is most certainly positive here; it hints at granted wishes, positive happy circumstances and also a healing/recovery of some kind. The Bouquet can also represent a woman.

The Clover combined with the Bouquet speaks of something unexpectedly happy coming to pass. There are positive changes, happy emotions and feeling satisfied. The combination reminds me of the 9 of Cups card in the Tarot….. the feeling of being satiated, really pleased with how things go, wishes being fulfilled etc.

What might I be so happy about? well it looks like it’s around money! (What a surprise!! lol) That’s very funny, and would definitely be true, because we’re still waiting for the promised money…….there have been so many twists and turns!

The Bouquet/Bear also points to a positive cash flow. It also says to me a gift of money coming, or that I get my wish around money…….

it’s sudden and a surprise…….and I don’t care! lol just get here!  🙂

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