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A look at the week ahead~

February 20, 2010

Being the weekend, it was time to have another go with Kapherus’ Lenormand spread to see what’s ahead in the ‘week’ to come. Like Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Spread, I suspect that the time will extend out a bit.

I did a spread for my husband, and it is still saying the same thing – we are still on track, but it just hasn’t arrived yet

I decided to charge the Man to represent the House of “J” (this is the invisible placeholder in the middle of the spread, in which the charged subject is looked at in combination with the card that actually falls in this position); focusing on the question “what lies ahead this week for “J”?”

This is what I drew:

Interestingly, the Man falls in the position of the House of “J”……..  I took this to mean that “J” will be having important dealings with another man this week.

Key/Garden combines for the meanings of a spiritual/metaphysical group, or workshops on one hand. It could also just read singly to say “Important/significant meetings”.

I think the man connected with either the spiritual/metaphysical group or key meetings, is either a lawyer or a male representative from the group.

The reading goes on to say that there will be negotiations for a deal (Ring/Birds). Another possible meaning is that there will be a phone call that a deal is struck with the group representative.

My husband is due to fly back to the states, for a final showdown in court on March 2nd; but my cards keep hinting at coming to some kind of an agreement before then.

Just maybe, this is actually the week 🙂 we shall see.

Funny enough, this line of cards, also sounds like a wedding celebration of a man that “J” must know. This doesn’t ring a bell at all, but I’ll note it just in case. Maybe we’re hearing about it….

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