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Coffin – Sun – Ship

March 9, 2010

Out of the ashes, rises something new? That’s what I think of when I see Coffin/Sun. It also conjurs up the thought of successful changes, or an ending that brings about success, or depression lifting (?)..major changes for the better…

Sylvie mentions in her book, The Lenormand Oracle, “winner, rebirth…”.

This pertains to something at a distance. Sun/Ship can mean international success, or a holiday somewhere warm 🙂

As much as I’d like that idea, I know that at the moment it’s not the correct one!

My husband was successful in his court hearing, but we won’t get an award amount for another 2 months, so that certainly isn’t what the cards are describing…….unless something happens out of court shortly, that changes everything?

We are still waiting on the manifestation of funds into the business account – now, they are coming internationally, so maybe these cards are about that. I’m scratching my head on all these “successful draws” – they just haven’t happened yet! so who knows?

Something’s got to break soon.

What else could I make of these? A death while on holiday? a depressing holiday even though it’s somewhere beautiful? lol  Winner of a trip???!! I think I’m punchy today!

March is the month for the ship – maybe our lives completely turn around this month.

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