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Bear – Key – Dog

March 13, 2010

My husband drew these cards this morning (more exciting than mine!)

Bear/Key can mean financial breakthrough or financial reward. The Key shows some kind of resolution around finances (bear)…a surprising twist around money.

This is connected to the Dog, which in our case usually refers to a specific friend as we’re only dealing with very few people right now.

Now, I first read this trio to mean that there was a financial breakthrough or reward for the Dog, but it could also say that we are receiving money from the Dog – I know that if this particular “Dog” gets money, then we will too.

Considering everything we’ve been going through, I’m happy to see such cards 🙂

I just had a peek at Sylvie’s book, “The Lenormand Oracle” to see what it said about the combo Key/Dog. She gives the meanings of soul mate, ‘karmic’ family & counselor. I had to laugh, because this particular Dog has become part of our Spiritual Family. We have come together through some very mysterious circumstances, so it definitely feels that karma is at work. This just reaffirms to me that we will receive money from our karmic family/friend. Interesting.

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