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Garden – Whips – Birds

March 15, 2010

I’m not quite sure about these today. I have a couple of ideas that I’ll throw out, because as I’ve found often the one idea that I almost don’t put forward, is the one that the cards are referring to! So although it’s supposed to be a personal draw, I’ll just write down anything that comes to mind.

Whips/Birds brings up the idea of arguments…either a verbal argument, argument over the phone or a couple arguing. Whips also makes me think of exercise/activity, also sexual “stuff”! lol

What about verbal gymnastics? in other words, a debate? or phone sex? LOL  I’m just playing here, but you never know!

Garden/Whips makes me think  of a Gym; also a public argument…….the Garden shows up for me alot to represent the  Internet, or forums/blogs.

Maybe I’m going to become aware of a big dispute on one of the forums that I frequent (!) – if that’s the case, it’s not nice.

I could easily say that there are discussions about exercising and going to a gym, but I kind of doubt it 🙂

Whips/Birds also makes me think of swift communication………..Garden, in this case, probably referring to meetings; SO meetings that bring swift communication.

Humph! Meetings around a dispute (whips) where there are negotiations, or we’re going to hear about such a meeting!

So many ways to go with just 3 cards, aren’t there?

Hopefully I’ll be able to pinpoint which one soon –

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