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Man – Clover – Mountain

March 23, 2010

Clover/Mountain can describe a vacation, or a resort, but it can also denote a retreat. I know that this is most often meant in the terms of a  holiday, but I thought it might also just mean r-e-t-r-e-a-t!.

My husband, (possibly the Man here) has retreated to the outdoors today. It’s raining, and he’s taking advantage of the fact to burn branches on the property. He has had a few really bad days, both physically and mentally, and decided that being outside in the elements would be beneficial and grounding.

He is definitely in retreat!

Now there are other ways to read these cards.

Man/Clover could be a lucky man, or a man who takes risks….this leads to possibly an opportunist. It could also be saying that  fortunate opportunities are presented to the man….that there’s a lucky break for him.

It all depends on whether you decide to combine the two cards, or read them singly and string together a sentence.

So, maybe there is a lucky break coming for the man coming from a distance away….a mountainous region, like Montana (! haha) or Switzerland 🙂 OR it represents a risk taker/opportunist from such a place…..this actually would make sense for our scenarios right now.

The first fits, maybe more will in time –

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