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Man – Ship – Scythe

March 29, 2010

It’s been a hectic, busy week with no time for writing……..I hate that!

On March 25th (Thurs) I drew these cards. My initial thought was that a man at a distance either was making an important decision (which I assumed would affect us) or that this man at a distance was going to get a shock or have an accident…or maybe was having surgery.

I thought that covered all the bases! lol

I threw out at the end of my verbal string of ideas, ‘Oh maybe someone’s having car trouble or has a car accident’…..

Yesterday, March 28th, my husband got ready to drive our Boxer to a nearby park for a long walk through the woods; only to discover that the battery was dead! He spent the next few hours getting the car in working order again.

Moral of this story: throw out every idea that you have about a combination of cards, because it just might turn out that the one thought you have and don’t share is the correct one!

If I remember right, Sylvie mentions in her book that Ship/Scythe can mean an interrupted trip – so this definitely fit the bill.

I still might hear about the man at a distance, but I found it interesting that it was really about our car, first and foremost! 🙂

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