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Looking for clues….

April 11, 2010

I have been out for the count over this past week, with back/muscle problems. My shoulder/neck, back areas became ONE BIG muscle spasm!! and I found myself on the sidelines having to take muscle relaxants to survive. ugh!

I kept asking myself, why didn’t I see this in any of my cards?? Well, now that the fog has cleared from my brain (!) I went back over my notes and found at least one or two references to my health;, but I didn’t see it at the time.

The above, isn’t the strongest link, but it still could relate. I had been thinking it was a woman with money, or that it was showing financial growth (hope springs eternal! lol)-

Woman/Bear can denote a strong woman, a motherly/nurturing woman, an overweight woman. I’m definitely the first two, and only just a bit overweight but not overly so! šŸ™‚

The Tree references health issues with this woman. Bear/Tree though puts the emphasis on diet and nutrition, and the stomach more than anything else; and I have been more conscious of what goes into my mouth.

Generally, maybe this would have been an indicator, but it’s not a definite ‘hit’ in my opinion.

Earlier in the week, I also drew these 3 cards as part of a bigger spread:

At the time of the reading, I took it to be referring to a legal judgement, a decision concerning legal or big business. I remember mentioning possible hospital connection and surgery, but nothing else.

Well the Tower, can refer to the Spine!! I don’t usually look for health and body parts – so I missed it completely.

So here we have the Spine card, followed by the Scythe which points to accidents, followed up with the Tree – which is all about health! Definitely a clue that there would be health problems conerning my back and I never got the message.

I drew these cards last Monday, and I think my troubles started on Tuesday. I seem to be ok for a few hours in the morning, and then the spasms hit and I’m stuck on the recliner with a heating pad for the rest of the day. This has been my week.

Metaphysically speaking, I shouldn’t be surprised really. The back represents your support system and how well you feel supportedĀ  by the Universe. I’ve been awfully stressed out/tensed with financial delays, and guess that my back spasms are mirroring those feelings –

Even when I know better, I can’t help but get nervous by what I’m observing. It’s another reminder to me to stay focused on what I want instead, rather than observing what is. Sometimes easier said than done!!!

Well, at least the cards did hint at this, even if I missed it entirely-

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