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Bear – Storks – Crossroads

April 15, 2010

These cards were part of a bigger spread for my husband. They show the near future (hopefully very near!)

Bear/Storks is a combination that anyone would be happy to see, especially in this economy; it foretells financial improvements.

Crossroads, on it’s own, shows that with those financial improvements there are choices to be made….there are options that present themselves, so to speak.

If I were to also combine the Storks and the Crossroads, they talk about expansion and diversification. Either way, money is coming in and there will be great activity and choices because of it.

I have to laugh, we are busily flowing the energy as if it has arrived in the NOW. The last 2 days we have been test driving new automobiles, in preparation for the increased finances! We now know what car we will buy for a replacement.

VW won out over another Hyundai Santa Fe (which I’ve loved), for it’s diesel engine and resale value. I have a Golf Wagon with all the gadgets coming to my driveway in the very near future……mark my words! 🙂 and it gets so much better fuel mileage than most cars or suvs!

Diesel cars have been the norm in Europe for years – they’ve been fortunate, at least they’ve had the  choice!!

And that’s the color!!

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