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Garden – Whips – Birds

March 15, 2010

I’m not quite sure about these today. I have a couple of ideas that I’ll throw out, because as I’ve found often the one idea that I almost don’t put forward, is the one that the cards are referring to! So although it’s supposed to be a personal draw, I’ll just write down anything that comes to mind.

Whips/Birds brings up the idea of arguments…either a verbal argument, argument over the phone or a couple arguing. Whips also makes me think of exercise/activity, also sexual “stuff”! lol

What about verbal gymnastics? in other words, a debate? or phone sex? LOL  I’m just playing here, but you never know!

Garden/Whips makes me think  of a Gym; also a public argument…….the Garden shows up for me alot to represent the  Internet, or forums/blogs.

Maybe I’m going to become aware of a big dispute on one of the forums that I frequent (!) – if that’s the case, it’s not nice.

I could easily say that there are discussions about exercising and going to a gym, but I kind of doubt it 🙂

Whips/Birds also makes me think of swift communication………..Garden, in this case, probably referring to meetings; SO meetings that bring swift communication.

Humph! Meetings around a dispute (whips) where there are negotiations, or we’re going to hear about such a meeting!

So many ways to go with just 3 cards, aren’t there?

Hopefully I’ll be able to pinpoint which one soon –


Bear – Key – Dog

March 13, 2010

My husband drew these cards this morning (more exciting than mine!)

Bear/Key can mean financial breakthrough or financial reward. The Key shows some kind of resolution around finances (bear)…a surprising twist around money.

This is connected to the Dog, which in our case usually refers to a specific friend as we’re only dealing with very few people right now.

Now, I first read this trio to mean that there was a financial breakthrough or reward for the Dog, but it could also say that we are receiving money from the Dog – I know that if this particular “Dog” gets money, then we will too.

Considering everything we’ve been going through, I’m happy to see such cards 🙂

I just had a peek at Sylvie’s book, “The Lenormand Oracle” to see what it said about the combo Key/Dog. She gives the meanings of soul mate, ‘karmic’ family & counselor. I had to laugh, because this particular Dog has become part of our Spiritual Family. We have come together through some very mysterious circumstances, so it definitely feels that karma is at work. This just reaffirms to me that we will receive money from our karmic family/friend. Interesting.

Freaky Update!

March 12, 2010

On the below drawing (Coffin-Sun-Ship) I had given quite a few combination ideas, some serious, some not so…..

At the very end of the post, I threw out the idea of “death while on holiday”, more joking around than anything. Lo and behold! I received an email from a friend of mine in the UK; she and her husband had just returned from the Maldives for their honeymoon.

They enjoyed snorkeling a great deal, but discovered an elderly man and his wife (in their 80’s) dead floating around in their snorkeling gear! The couple had arrived a few days before! No word on what had happened to them-

I was just shocked and amazed to see that the idea I threw out, off the top of my head, turned out to be correct.

How eery is that?

Coffin – Sun – Ship

March 9, 2010

Out of the ashes, rises something new? That’s what I think of when I see Coffin/Sun. It also conjurs up the thought of successful changes, or an ending that brings about success, or depression lifting (?)..major changes for the better…

Sylvie mentions in her book, The Lenormand Oracle, “winner, rebirth…”.

This pertains to something at a distance. Sun/Ship can mean international success, or a holiday somewhere warm 🙂

As much as I’d like that idea, I know that at the moment it’s not the correct one!

My husband was successful in his court hearing, but we won’t get an award amount for another 2 months, so that certainly isn’t what the cards are describing…….unless something happens out of court shortly, that changes everything?

We are still waiting on the manifestation of funds into the business account – now, they are coming internationally, so maybe these cards are about that. I’m scratching my head on all these “successful draws” – they just haven’t happened yet! so who knows?

Something’s got to break soon.

What else could I make of these? A death while on holiday? a depressing holiday even though it’s somewhere beautiful? lol  Winner of a trip???!! I think I’m punchy today!

March is the month for the ship – maybe our lives completely turn around this month.

Clover – Sun – Child

March 5, 2010

Today is Judgement Day in my husband’s legal case. We are on pins and needles to see how this goes. We had been awarded a fantastic sum by the original judge, but it was overturned when the defendant won an appeal. Now it’s before a new judge, who doesn’t have all the history from the past 7 years….doesn’t have first hand knowledge of what a liar this defendant is either!

We’ve just had to surrender and trust that karmically this will work out the right way! it’s been really tough!

I drew these 3 cards 2 days ago, and had to smile:

So nice to see the Clover and the Sun! both very positive cards.

Combining the two there is sudden success, overnight success, outstanding accomplishment., sudden victory!!, lucky victory! lol

The Clover card, besides having the meanings of positive twists of fate, and the element of surprise, also has the timing of 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months. Could it be possible that it literally means that there is overnight success in 2 days?

wow! fingers crossed!

The Sun + Child also combines to mean “winner”, so this is looking really good 🙂 I could also play with this combo to mean victory and new beginnings, or a successful offer being put forward….

I don’t think it matters which meaning I try to assign, they are all positive!

Clover – Cross – Man

March 1, 2010

The Clover card brings good luck or unexpected answers to a problem.

I don’t usually like to see the Cross card, but combined with the Clover it has a good meaning. It represents spiritual or religious contentment or blessings for the man.

Cross/Man represents a worried man, or a depressed man. The worried man would be my husband, under alot of stress. It’s nice to see the Clover card there in front of him! Surprising and unexpected solutions and opportunities being presented to him. The Clover also has the timing of ‘2’ – whether 2 days or 2 weeks… I make note of that, because in 2 days he will be with his lawyers in the U.S. – maybe something great happens on Wednesday! fingers crossed 🙂

Crossroads – Storks – Bear

February 25, 2010

Crossroads and Storks show improvements and progress.

How nice to see the Bear following that message! In Sylvie’s system, the Bear represents Finances, money, windfalls etc. – it can also refer to nutrition, food/diet as well.

SO! there are two messages for me here! lol

There are going to be improvements financially for me (hooray) and most likely, a much needed improvement in the way we have been eating! I would very gratefully change the latter, and not look at a baking potato again for a few years! lol  it doesn’t help that my husband and daughter lost weight during this time and look great, and I have stayed stubbornly at the same weight. Something I don’t consider fair!