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A look at the week ahead~

February 20, 2010

Being the weekend, it was time to have another go with Kapherus’ Lenormand spread to see what’s ahead in the ‘week’ to come. Like Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Spread, I suspect that the time will extend out a bit.

I did a spread for my husband, and it is still saying the same thing – we are still on track, but it just hasn’t arrived yet

I decided to charge the Man to represent the House of “J” (this is the invisible placeholder in the middle of the spread, in which the charged subject is looked at in combination with the card that actually falls in this position); focusing on the question “what lies ahead this week for “J”?”

This is what I drew:

Interestingly, the Man falls in the position of the House of “J”……..  I took this to mean that “J” will be having important dealings with another man this week.

Key/Garden combines for the meanings of a spiritual/metaphysical group, or workshops on one hand. It could also just read singly to say “Important/significant meetings”.

I think the man connected with either the spiritual/metaphysical group or key meetings, is either a lawyer or a male representative from the group.

The reading goes on to say that there will be negotiations for a deal (Ring/Birds). Another possible meaning is that there will be a phone call that a deal is struck with the group representative.

My husband is due to fly back to the states, for a final showdown in court on March 2nd; but my cards keep hinting at coming to some kind of an agreement before then.

Just maybe, this is actually the week 🙂 we shall see.

Funny enough, this line of cards, also sounds like a wedding celebration of a man that “J” must know. This doesn’t ring a bell at all, but I’ll note it just in case. Maybe we’re hearing about it….


Letter – Clover – Cross

February 18, 2010

What an interesting draw this is!

Letter/Clover can have the meanings of a lottery ticket, or sweepstakes ticket (which makes me think I ought to go buy one ! ) or that there is really good news coming that has the element of luck attached to it, or some kind of unexpected twist around it.

Combining the Clover with the Cross is also OK, as it refers to Blessings, or being spiritually contented.

My first thought around these cards is that there is really good news coming that fills us with a sense of spiritual satisfaction, not a lottery win 🙂 although I won’t rule it out! lol

Clover – Bouquet – Bear

February 17, 2010

Now this is a very positive draw!

The Clover brings luck and surprising twists to circumstances. The ruler of the clover card is Jupiter, and it again represents good fortune & expansion. The Clover also represents the month of February, right now.

The Bouquet is most certainly positive here; it hints at granted wishes, positive happy circumstances and also a healing/recovery of some kind. The Bouquet can also represent a woman.

The Clover combined with the Bouquet speaks of something unexpectedly happy coming to pass. There are positive changes, happy emotions and feeling satisfied. The combination reminds me of the 9 of Cups card in the Tarot….. the feeling of being satiated, really pleased with how things go, wishes being fulfilled etc.

What might I be so happy about? well it looks like it’s around money! (What a surprise!! lol) That’s very funny, and would definitely be true, because we’re still waiting for the promised money…….there have been so many twists and turns!

The Bouquet/Bear also points to a positive cash flow. It also says to me a gift of money coming, or that I get my wish around money…….

it’s sudden and a surprise…….and I don’t care! lol just get here!  🙂

Fish – House – Bouquet

February 12, 2010

I immediately had the House/Bouquet combination pop for me. It was the first thing my eyes laid upon.

House/Bouquet shows a happy, harmonious home. It could also mean a wish is granted to the family, or there is a gift given to the home or family or there is some kind of recovery.

I got stuck on this, and felt that this was right 🙂 and if so, then the Fish (like the Mercante in my Sibilla draw on the Card Lover’s blog) represented our trader business friend. He was going to do something that improved the feelings of my home, and he did just that.

These cards were drawn early yesterday morning. By afternoon, we had word that our fish friend was having money wired into the business account to take care of some pressing matters; and by evening it had arrived.

This brought such a relief to my husband and me….we relaxed last night, feeling better than we have in awhile. A burden had been lifted 🙂

It’s interesting that both the Sibilla and the Lenormand were talking about the exact same incident.

This certainly could have other meanings, such as describing a home-based business either to do with beautification of some kind, or run by a female etc. but usually I find that my first thoughts are the right thoughts for the draw at the time. I could be hearing something about my step-daughter’s home-based beauty business overseas….but the other interpretation came through before the end of the day, so it was the more predominant meaning of the draw 🙂

Will ‘D’ have a business breakthrough this week?

February 9, 2010

I once more wanted to post an example of using Kaph’s Lenormand Spread. I focused on our friend and business partner, who comes up in readings as the Dog.

I asked if there would be important happenings with him this week, in other words, are the delays through?? lol

This is what I drew:

I found this fascinating! So remember, you focus on the subject of your reading (in this case it was the Dog) and whatever falls in the middle is associated with the House of the Dog.

This shows that ‘D’ will be connected with big banking, corporate happenings etc.
combined with the Tower can mean ‘friends in high places’ or executive. ‘D’ is definitely dealing with high rollers, and it looks like this week that will be the focus for him.

The Sun/Ring shows that he will be having great success with a deal, or be involved in a very important and powerful partnership. (Remember, the Dog/Tower gives me the theme, so I know it’s about business and not about something personal like a marriage.)

The Fox/Storks continue this idea by saying that there will be improvements in his work or a job change.

I actually think that both apply in this case. Once this huge deal pays out, his quality of life will totally change, and he will be a very wealthy man, calling his own shots. This is also reflected in the combination of the Tower/Fox, which can mean an executive position. He will have his own corporation once that deal goes through!

So, it seems that the Lenormand cards want to tell me that this is the week of change, both for “D” and for our legal case (see my prior reading below). Could everything happen at once?

I’m experimenting to see if this spread will work as a weekly spread for me or not.
Again, I’m not always so sure about trying to put time constraints (especially of a small time frame such as a week) on a reading. It may be longer – but even so, there is definitely major change in the air.

It’s still a great addition for quick answers!  Thanks Kaph

Kapherus’ Lenormand Spread~

February 7, 2010

I read about a spread that Kapherus devised. It has similarities to the No-Layout spread that I enjoy a great deal, but is shortened for when time is critical.

One still charges a card as a focus; say you’re asking a question about money, so you’d charge the Bear card (in Sylvie’s system). You would shuffle focusing on that subject/card image. Then, you would lay down 5 cards, either straight off the top, or by choosing from a fanned spread of the cards (whichever you prefer).

In the Line of 5 Spread that I’ve shown in previous posts, the midde card shows the subject/theme of the reading.

This is a variance of that, but instead, you have an invisible place holder there, which in the case of the example, would be the Bear card.

It is easiest to think of this position as the ‘House’ of whatever subject you’ve focused on in your question. So, when you lay down your 5 cards, you will have placed a card in the “House of the Bear” this time.

You would then read the ‘House’ position combined with whatever card falls in that place.

I did my first try with this spread, using the Bear card as my focus, and this is what I drew:

So in the House of the Bear, I drew the Crossroads card. I would read this as Bear+Crossroads.

The question I posed was “where will money be coming from this week?” Probably not the best way to phrase the question, but that’s what was most on my mind! lol

In this case, the main answer to my question is telling me that there will be multiple sources of money coming, not just from one expected source.

I discovered that interestingly, I could relate to that bit of information, looking at the rest of the cards because I could interpret them in 2 very specific ways that are relevant!

1)      The first interpretation would be about the legal matter we are involved in, and proposals/options being presented by the other lawyer (who always comes up for me as the Lily card – King of Spades). The Garden and the Ring suggest that there will be meetings that result in a deal/agreement.

2)      The second interpretation talks about Big business and big banking connected to the Lily man. (We are actually waiting to hear from a man who comes up by this card, on a big bank transaction). The Crossroads also talks about multiples and decisions, so maybe there is more than one transaction that is associated with this man.

The Crossroads/Garden combo describes excursions/tours, (he is presently travelling in the Far East) but also alludes to multiple meetings with a network of people.

The Ring seems to be saying that he will be finalizing the deals this week.

In this case, the idea of multiple sources of money coming is very plausible. How crazy it would be if both of these important scenarios come to completion very close together!

I have done a series of readings using this method, and it has worked very well in each case. This spread will definitely be adopted into my selections of spreads for a reading.

It makes a great weekly spread to see what’s coming up! I plan on using it each Sunday to see what the theme of the week will be. Stay tuned….

Line of 5 – Tower,Mice,Child,Sun,Ship

February 3, 2010

I pulled out my coveted LeNormand Arlo deck, beautifully created by Lavengro. I love the graphics in this deck!

I decided to do a line of 5 reading. After shuffling and I asked what will happen in the next week?

Tower – Mice – Child – Sun – Ship    (underneath: Rider)

The Middle card, Child, shows what the reading is referring to; in this case an offer/proposal…something new. I know this by looking at the surrounding cards.

To the left shows the recent past, Tower/Mice, describing Legal worries.

To the right of the Child shows the near future, Sun/Ship. What comes to mind is Success coming from a distance, or success coming.

Reading straight across, I get the message: Legal stress and an offer that brings victory/success/happiness from a distance. Or maybe I could say a stressed/forced offer is made around the legal that brings a happy conclusion….

Next, you can pair the opposite ends (Tower/Ship) which tells me it’s the legal matter we’re dealing with in the US.

Then the inner pair: Mice/Sun –  excitements!

around what? an offer! (Child)

Underneath it all is the Rider – news coming soon 🙂