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My Experience with the Lenormand Cards~

“The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle”

I have been studying and working with Sylvie Steinbach’s book, “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle“, since fora little over 2 years. I had been looking for years, for a different system from the Tarot, that would not only compliment the Tarot, but give more detailed insights. I definitely have found that with The Lenormand Oracle!

I created this blog, as a way to practice getting insights on different combinations, and to become more familiar with the nuances of these cards. These cards have out-performed my hopes and expectations as to what is possible with divination with cards…they are phenomenal!

The readings that I have done, for friends and family, have brought up funny little details that have been born out. For example:

I did a reading for a girlfriend, who was being pushed out of her rental house because her dog had had puppies. She had managed to find good homes for all of them except one, who she ended up keeping. The landlord discovered this, and said “out!”-

To find a place, in the middle of winter, to rent, (when you have a few dogs!!) is very very difficult. She asked me to do a reading for her, asking if she would find a 3 bedroom house, with a back yard, reasonable rent, that would accept her dogs?

I don’t have the specific reading any longer, but I remember that I told her, that yes, she would find such a house that she would really like, and would stay there for a long time. The cards also said to me that she needed to check out her place of work, look at the bulletin boards, or talk to people she worked with, because she would find  the place through a lucky break connected to work.

I felt as though, I had put my head on the chopping block with that one! lol My friend also reads for a second income, but couldn’t read for herself. Time went by, and then lo and behold! I got an email from her thanking me profusely! She had found the perfect house to rent, with a very kind landlord. It was in a more desirable area, near all the ammenities (she doesn’t drive) AND she found out about it through a co-worker at that place of employment, before the house was even listed or emptied of the tenants!!

That was a major moment for me as to the power of these funny little cards. You don’t need 52 cards or 78 cards to get an incredibly detailed account. You just need The Lenormand cards, and Sylvie Steinbach’s book! I highly recommend starting with her system to “learn the language” and practice, before expanding to explore other systems.

Sylvie’s teaching thread on Aecletic Tarot Forum has been indispensable for taking this beginner to the next level. I can’t recommend this teacher, and her specific methods for reading these cards, highly enough! I never thought I would say this, but they run rings around Tarot!! I have been in awe, at some of the insights that have come forth with these cards.

If you want to get specifics, and really get to the heart of matters, discover the Lenormand Cards, and Sylvie Steinbach’s book- you won’t look back 🙂

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  1. spiritsong permalink*
    March 24, 2008 10:45 am

    As an add-on, I’m finding that the more I work with these cards, the more the cards and my subconscious seem to be melding.
    I used to keep a dream diary, and I discovered that certain symbols would repeat themselves to me, and have a personal meaning; different than any meanings in a dream book.
    I am starting to find that to be true of my relationship with the Lenormand cards. I will dream of a daily draw that I have done, or a spread, and in the dream, it will show me a nuance I have missed–or a different meaning to a combination than what I originally thought! My Inner Self is trying to help me learn this new language.
    I have read that many teachers suggest either sleeping with a full deck of cards (playing or tarot) under your pillow to help implant those meanings..or just one card at a time. I think I might do this with the Lenormand, and see if I am given any insights during dream state. I’ll set up a dream page if I get any interesting ideas:)

  2. phoenixoracle permalink
    March 30, 2008 5:01 am

    Hi Spiritsong

    I remember one dream that I had, and in it were a whole lot of green baby “mice” hedious creatures, since I knew that “mice” symbolized illness in the lenornand, I knew that I had an infection somewhere, sure enough 2 days later a test did show it. So I also must remember dream symbols.

    I must say, that I have been more dedicated to posting daily readings than I have with any other oracle I’ve used over the years. I know that I’m going to get a much more clearer reading than what I did when using tarot and playing cards, lenormand sort of narrows it down.

    I can’t wait to learn the panoramic spread, because I know readers and clients in NZ always start off with a General spread. And it’s only after that do they start asking questions. Actually, I know from my experience I love general readings because I hope that my question will come up in the general reading. Some people get a bit embarassed to ask questions.


  3. spiritsong permalink*
    May 21, 2008 4:31 pm

    Sylvie Steinbach once sent me a really lovely email, giving me advice about my journey with the cards. She said that her teaching and her book was a jumping off point, and that intuition would begin to bring different messages with the cards, as well as hers….
    It is now May, and I have made a concerted effort not to try mixing different methods, as I wanted to feel that I had a firm foundation with one methodology before branching out, (if ever!).
    I have noticed, more and more, that my relationship with the Lenormand is developing intuitively, like the dream symbols I mentioned earlier. Meanings are popping in, that weren’t mentioned in the book, but never the less, fit precisely. My “vocabulary” is expanding when I read, but what I find exciting and satisfying is that it’s coming from within, and not from other systems of thought. It’s a process that I am joyfully guarding..step by step..the more meanings are being unveiled. I have a few times looked at others’ interps for combos, but find it more of a distraction than a help in most instances. So from my experience, I would suggest that newbies, who want to learn these wonderful cards, pick a system and stick with it, to give the subconscious a framework to start with, and then let it evolve. I highly recommend Sylvie Steinbeck’s book-it’s no nonsense, and there are amazing, “right on” combinations there to keep you busy for a very long time! lol – Then with some language skills, the higher self will start developing and expanding your knowledge, and you’ll be off and running.
    Every day is a new discovery with this deck, as it patiently lets me know what’s around the bend 🙂
    Try them, you’ll be hooked too!


  4. Tanya permalink
    December 9, 2008 12:46 pm

    Hi Spiritsong,
    I have read your coments, I like it very much, I am new to these cards, but they are the best from all decks I have seen before and they are unique. Could you give me an advise how to remember all these combinations of cards. I am very interested to learn to do the reading. I am from Ukraine and people in my country never seen these card before. I am from a family where nearly each member (female only) of my family could do a fortune reading but with a playing cards. I have got Sylvie Steinbach book “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle” and 2 decks of Lenormand’s cards and I am trying to understand the technique, but I need help.
    I am looking forward to your reply.
    Kind regards,

  5. February 24, 2010 6:33 pm

    I love all the different Lenormand decks you have collected! It’s funny how each deck is still Lenormand but the different images can create such a twist on the symbolism. You’ve inspired me to get out my Lenormand cards and Sylvie’s book again!

    • spiritsong permalink*
      February 25, 2010 12:25 pm

      I am so glad Kismit if I’ve inspired you!
      There is a learning curve to get over, as with any oracle system; but I am terribly glad that I stuck with Sylvie’s meanings as my base and just continued to plod away with the cards.

      I have had some really amazing readings that I have done for other people, hitting upon things that they couldn’t believe that I picked up on. Many times, they don’t have a clue at the time, but then let me know a month or two down the road that I was right!
      It is SO gratifying!!

      Keep a journal of your draws. Like a dream diary, it will help you get a better understanding how the cards want to talk to you 🙂

      best wishes,

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