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(17)Storks+(3)Ship+(21)Mountain extra card: (6)Clouds

July 28, 2008

Today for a daily draw I received the Storks, the Ship, the Mountain, and the Clouds.

Reading them from left to right, I came up with the story that someone moving to somewhere distant, or possibly emigrating (Storks+Ship) are going to find obstacles and delays moving forward (Mountain). This in turn, will cause a bit of confusion, or irritability…or the situation will keep changing! (Clouds).

Now I do know someone who wants to emigrate from the US to Canada, but it’s not for awhile yet, so I don’t think I would have it in a daily draw…

More likely, it has to do with my husband. He is due to fly out tonight from visiting his daughter, and return home! It’s been a long week (it’s tough having time to study cartomancy non-stop!) oops! – I wondered if the Storks card was more hinting at unexpected surprises around travelling (Ship). The Mountain and the Clouds screams 3 things to me: delays due to bad weather, and delays that make everything uncertain as to when he’s actually going to get to fly…and delays that make him cranky! He’s so ready to get back home after sleeping on a blow up mattress for a week! I’ll update….

update: My first impressions about these cards were the right ones. Going with your gut, even when you can’t place it at the time, is the message we continue to get as we study any divination system.
The Storks+Ship, meaning moving away has to do with my 19 year old son. He was due to leave next month to go across country to a new university. He has been so excited, even though he didn’t have everything in alignment yet. He got word that he wouldn’t be able to get a dorm room, they were swamped. This changes alot, as we don’t see how we can swing it, and never mind find a place for him while we live on the other side of the continent. He also hasn’t heard back about his application for a student loan… so I seriously think that these cards are talking about delays for his big plans, and it causing him upset and confusion. I have had at least 3 playing card readings this week showing the same theme, but it went as far as saying that he’d go ultimately in the Winter!
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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    July 29, 2008 4:06 am

    Hi Spiritsong

    Does look like a delay in flight plans.


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