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Bear – Storks – Crossroads

April 15, 2010

These cards were part of a bigger spread for my husband. They show the near future (hopefully very near!)

Bear/Storks is a combination that anyone would be happy to see, especially in this economy; it foretells financial improvements.

Crossroads, on it’s own, shows that with those financial improvements there are choices to be made….there are options that present themselves, so to speak.

If I were to also combine the Storks and the Crossroads, they talk about expansion and diversification. Either way, money is coming in and there will be great activity and choices because of it.

I have to laugh, we are busily flowing the energy as if it has arrived in the NOW. The last 2 days we have been test driving new automobiles, in preparation for the increased finances! We now know what car we will buy for a replacement.

VW won out over another Hyundai Santa Fe (which I’ve loved), for it’s diesel engine and resale value. I have a Golf Wagon with all the gadgets coming to my driveway in the very near future……mark my words! 🙂 and it gets so much better fuel mileage than most cars or suvs!

Diesel cars have been the norm in Europe for years – they’ve been fortunate, at least they’ve had the  choice!!

And that’s the color!!

Looking for clues….

April 11, 2010

I have been out for the count over this past week, with back/muscle problems. My shoulder/neck, back areas became ONE BIG muscle spasm!! and I found myself on the sidelines having to take muscle relaxants to survive. ugh!

I kept asking myself, why didn’t I see this in any of my cards?? Well, now that the fog has cleared from my brain (!) I went back over my notes and found at least one or two references to my health;, but I didn’t see it at the time.

The above, isn’t the strongest link, but it still could relate. I had been thinking it was a woman with money, or that it was showing financial growth (hope springs eternal! lol)-

Woman/Bear can denote a strong woman, a motherly/nurturing woman, an overweight woman. I’m definitely the first two, and only just a bit overweight but not overly so! 🙂

The Tree references health issues with this woman. Bear/Tree though puts the emphasis on diet and nutrition, and the stomach more than anything else; and I have been more conscious of what goes into my mouth.

Generally, maybe this would have been an indicator, but it’s not a definite ‘hit’ in my opinion.

Earlier in the week, I also drew these 3 cards as part of a bigger spread:

At the time of the reading, I took it to be referring to a legal judgement, a decision concerning legal or big business. I remember mentioning possible hospital connection and surgery, but nothing else.

Well the Tower, can refer to the Spine!! I don’t usually look for health and body parts – so I missed it completely.

So here we have the Spine card, followed by the Scythe which points to accidents, followed up with the Tree – which is all about health! Definitely a clue that there would be health problems conerning my back and I never got the message.

I drew these cards last Monday, and I think my troubles started on Tuesday. I seem to be ok for a few hours in the morning, and then the spasms hit and I’m stuck on the recliner with a heating pad for the rest of the day. This has been my week.

Metaphysically speaking, I shouldn’t be surprised really. The back represents your support system and how well you feel supported  by the Universe. I’ve been awfully stressed out/tensed with financial delays, and guess that my back spasms are mirroring those feelings –

Even when I know better, I can’t help but get nervous by what I’m observing. It’s another reminder to me to stay focused on what I want instead, rather than observing what is. Sometimes easier said than done!!!

Well, at least the cards did hint at this, even if I missed it entirely-

House – Letter – Lily

April 8, 2010

Every time I think Life has settled down, something else arrives that challenges me! Lots of personal stress and physical work too, which has left me with a pulled muscle in my writing arm – and I’ve got to say, I didn’t see getting hurt in the cards!

It is my strongest desire to write consistently, ideally daily; I hope that I will be able to do that soon.

On to the cards 🙂

House/Letter: Property deals/real estate contract, family papers, family news, letter/news coming to the home….dealing with papers around the home or concerning the home!

Letter/Lily: News that brings serenity/peace, news from a father figure or parents, old records of some sort, paperwork from a man that fits the Lily card (in my case, there are 2).

So! there are a lot of ways I could go with this combination.

There might be a contract done on our house that we’re relieved and happy about (we have it up for sale).

Or there could be family news that’s a relief, or family news from my husband’s parents (mine are deceased).

We could be dealing with property records/deeds….? or family geneology records?

There could be news that comes to the home that brings peace of mind; or news from the Lily man – this would either be my ex-husband (yuck! less said the better! lol) or the lawyer for the other side in my husband’s lawsuit.

Lots of ways to interpret…and probably more than one meaning will apply:)

update: so far this seems to have referred to changing the price on our house and dealing with the real estate contract to reflect this. Why the Lily? I think we both felt a sense of peace and relief, as we put the house on for a price that showed that we were both ready to release it to someone else. We’re ready to move on.

Child – Mice – Cross

March 30, 2010

I unfortunately knew what this was referring to very soon after drawing it.

My son is weighed down with papers to write, and finals to study for…..never mind being short of money! He was completely stressing out and having what he calls ‘a meltdown’ – I know it will pass, but it’s hard to see him getting so worked up about everything.

I hope tomorrow it will show some relief!

Man – Ship – Scythe

March 29, 2010

It’s been a hectic, busy week with no time for writing……..I hate that!

On March 25th (Thurs) I drew these cards. My initial thought was that a man at a distance either was making an important decision (which I assumed would affect us) or that this man at a distance was going to get a shock or have an accident…or maybe was having surgery.

I thought that covered all the bases! lol

I threw out at the end of my verbal string of ideas, ‘Oh maybe someone’s having car trouble or has a car accident’…..

Yesterday, March 28th, my husband got ready to drive our Boxer to a nearby park for a long walk through the woods; only to discover that the battery was dead! He spent the next few hours getting the car in working order again.

Moral of this story: throw out every idea that you have about a combination of cards, because it just might turn out that the one thought you have and don’t share is the correct one!

If I remember right, Sylvie mentions in her book that Ship/Scythe can mean an interrupted trip – so this definitely fit the bill.

I still might hear about the man at a distance, but I found it interesting that it was really about our car, first and foremost! 🙂

Man – Clover – Mountain

March 23, 2010

Clover/Mountain can describe a vacation, or a resort, but it can also denote a retreat. I know that this is most often meant in the terms of a  holiday, but I thought it might also just mean r-e-t-r-e-a-t!.

My husband, (possibly the Man here) has retreated to the outdoors today. It’s raining, and he’s taking advantage of the fact to burn branches on the property. He has had a few really bad days, both physically and mentally, and decided that being outside in the elements would be beneficial and grounding.

He is definitely in retreat!

Now there are other ways to read these cards.

Man/Clover could be a lucky man, or a man who takes risks….this leads to possibly an opportunist. It could also be saying that  fortunate opportunities are presented to the man….that there’s a lucky break for him.

It all depends on whether you decide to combine the two cards, or read them singly and string together a sentence.

So, maybe there is a lucky break coming for the man coming from a distance away….a mountainous region, like Montana (! haha) or Switzerland 🙂 OR it represents a risk taker/opportunist from such a place…..this actually would make sense for our scenarios right now.

The first fits, maybe more will in time –

Key – Woman – Snake

March 22, 2010

I have been away for awhile….sorry! My husband had an infected tooth, which then split – we had a week of trying to get that sorted so that he would be comfortable again. We finally made it to the dentist this morning 🙂 It’s hard not being able to deal with problems in an immediate way, (the way we’re used to doing). At any rate, it kept me far away from my computer!

This morning I drew the Key – Woman – Snake. When the Woman/Snake combo comes up for me, it is referring to the deceitful, “enemy” woman that we’re dealing with legally. She’s the Snake Woman! lol

So when I saw that combo, and then saw the Key, my mind immediately said ” Solution with the Snake woman” – I think there is about to be a resolution…..

Now if I hadn’t made that immediate association, I could look at the Key/Woman and come up with the interpretations of a significant woman in my life, or a Spiritual Woman, who is having some kind of difficulty or is lying.

I don’t have any significant females in my life anymore. I’m an only child, and my mother is passed…so I can’t relate to that meaning. I think the first thought is the most likely, but I’ll have to wait and see.

I doubt I will draw the Woman associated with the Snake, once this is over! what a nice thought 🙂